Business Profile

Since its founding in New Jersey in 2001, Vertical Solutions Inc. has become a leader in the telecommunications industry for cellular site construction. This was done by cultivating all the telecommunications disciplines and combining them into one self-performing turnkey entity. Self-performance and strategic planning are the keys to success for us, along with the ability to morph the company to mirror the demands of the industry. With 4 locations in the North East region we have the resources and market feasibility to accommodate any of our client’s needs, coupled with a proven satellite market blueprint for a successful transition to any region to accommodate client’s resource needs. This allows us not only to gain market share but to continue our company’s expansion not only in this discipline but other telecommunications sectors.

Company Highlights

  • 2005 Transitioned from a sub-contractor to a direct general contractor for the Carriers/OEM’s.
  • 2008 Opened its steel fabrication and associated services plant/division.
  • 2011 Was an integral part of Technical Bulletin for the NYC D.O.B. which amended a law specifically to the telecommunications industry.
  • 2012 Opened its Licensed NJ Electrical Division and graduated its first class of S.P.R.A.T. certified technicians from VSI’s own training facility.
  • 2012 Within an 18 month period the company experienced a 400% increase in growth and revenue, this was achieved by creating and implementing our own training curriculum in all relevant disciplines of the telecommunications industry. ( I.E. Climbing, Testing, Troubleshooting, A & L Construction, Safety and Quality) this allowed us to organically grow our in house resources to over 138 trained W2 technicians, with 80% of them being certified climbers in either S.P.R.A.T. or Com-train.
  • 2013 to 2014 grew core competencies of company to accommodate up-to 28 tiger teams( technical troubleshooting teams) while still maintaining construction resources for our clients. VSI outperformed the next GC by over 220% in the NYC market (Which is considered the most challenging market in the U.S.) for the Network Vision build out over a 3 year period.
  • 2015 Our most recent expansion opened the O.S.P. division of the company, scaled from our 1st directional boring and associated heavy equipment, operators and locators with monthly revenue of $100,000.00 for the first 3 months. 2nd directional boring setup added and increased the monthly revenue to $250,000.00 per a month. 3rd directional boring setup added and increased the monthly revenue to $420,000.00 per a month while operating the three directional boring setups.
  • 2016 Nationally certified by the New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council as a M.B.E. ( Minority Business Enterprise ) Certificate # NY06317.
  • 2017 O.S.P. Division (We doubled our directional boring resources within the next six months (Due to contracts negotiated) to follow proven trend. O.S.P. training curriculum in process, first class target date of 05/19/2017.
  • 2018 Our OSP division was expanded to multiple different geographic regions across the united states showing our intense in house training curriculum was a proven success
  • 2019 Ramped up our existing resources to a total of 25 fully trained tower crews to support the large T-Mobile build in 2019 within a matter of 8 weeks due to our in house created training curriculum

Key Processes

Utilizing our S.P.R.A.T trainer, Com-train trainer, Licensed Electrician, Licensed Master Rigger and Certified RF & Fiber Specialists we have developed a regimented in-house training curriculum for each specialized aspect of the telecommunications industry in turn we have created a developmental organic growth program that existing and new resources can be developed and utilized depending on whatever need the industry demands at the present time.

Identifying industry specific market analysis and tracking any upward trends within the telecommunications sector while concurrently expanding or creating that resource, allows us continued growth and profitability. Our most recent expansion in the “Out Side Plant” sector was a prime example as well as our other various company highlights detailed above.

With our With our Organically created training curriculum and satellite office blueprint we have the ability to move to any region and create the resources needed to transplant to that region as long as the workload makes it fiscally viable.

We have proved our curriculum works, in 2012 we went from 40 technicians to 140 technicians in 6 months due to a bulk award of sites and Tiger team work flow.

Satellite offices we have opened in the 3 other markets have all been successful in using our corporate office as a hub ( making it a unique situation ) as it is an independent entity yet everything from scheduling to our vast Timberline/Sage software is all funneled through our corporate office.

Any Region that has the forecast of at least 8 months to a year of steady work/bulk award, we could facilitate whatever resources are necessary from technicians to Project Managers to Close out specialists Etc. All facilitated within less than a month of the actual Bulk/Turf award.

Our Strength Lies In Our Staff

  • Experienced Project Managers
  • Civil/Heavy Construction Operators, RF Technicians
  • Master Rigger, Auto Cad Technicians
  • Design Team, Licensed Electrical Consultants
  • Experienced Quality/Safety Manager, Site Superintendents Checking on every site

Our Offices And Assets

  • Our area of service is the whole East Coast, NY, NJ, PA, TN, MD, VI, GA, AL, FL, OH
  • 14,000 SQ FT. Main Office Lincoln Park NJ
  • 10,000 SQ FT Secondary Dispatch Office Paterson , NJ
  • 7,000 SQ FT. Philadelphia Office/Warehouse
  • 10,000 SQ FT Nashville, TN Office/Warehouse
  • 30,000 SQ FT. Steel Fabrication plant
  • In-home Mechanics Shop at Main Office
  • 58 Work Trucks
  • Box Trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Rack Trucks
  • All Terrain Directional Boring rigs and associated heavy construction equipment

Clients and Strategic Partners and Certified In

History-Key Accomplishments

Vertical Solutions Inc. (VSI) has been involved in almost every telecommunications build out for all major carriers the past 18 years.

VSI has been a constantly growing company. Through a vigilant training curriculum and quality assurance program based off ISO 9001 standards (seen in our Quality Manual), VSI is constantly increasing its in-house resources. VSI is the only company in the northeast market that has all aspects of the wireless industry in-house. I.E. Electrical License , Steel Shop , CD5 Permitting, Sprat Technicians, Master Rigger , 10 Rigging Forman , In House Certified Climbing Trainers (Gravitec, Com-Train, Sprat )

Vertical Solutions Inc. (VSI) has been instrumental in working with the NYC Department of Buildings in making sure the Telecommunications Industry is Following all the new Laws that have been in effect since 2011. (Amendment/Law Attached at the end of Presentation)

The Largest Telecommunications CD5 Permitting Company in the North East

We here at Vertical Solutions Inc. Are always doing constant trainings and evaluating our training programs for this new standard. This can be seen by (VSI) being put up on SPRAT.ORG’s website as a recognized Sprat Training Facility , we here at (VSI) can now train and certify our in-house technicians as well as other GC entities technicians in the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians. Our new organic training curriculum allows us to train technicians in all aspects of site construction and climbing within 4 weeks and turn out a quality technician. This is a statement to (VSI’s) commitment to constantly improve and morph to the industries ever-changing needs