Revolutionizing the Telecommunication World With Experience, Quality and Safety Through Constant Training and a Proven Satellite Office Blueprint for Expansion

107 Beaver Brook Road, Lincoln Park, NJ, 07035

Company Overview

1. Established in 2001 with over 19 year’s experience in the Outside Plant & telecommunications construction sector.
2. Owner operated for the entire existence of company
3. In-house Sprat Trainers, Training Facility, Com-train Trainers
4. Proven Satellite office blueprint ( successful in 6 markets )
5. In-house licenses, Electrical, Master Rigger, GC, Etc.
6. Over 112 W2 Technicians in-house with every aspect of Telecommunication expertise ranging from Backhaul, Outside Plant, Directional Boring, Aerial, RF and  Electric to Fiber, Steel and even Civil Construction
7. Fully functional 30,000 sq. ft. fabrication steel shop
8. New York City Expeditor and Full CD5 Permitting capabilities
9. A Full Turnkey construction company where quality and service come first
10. Full Outside Plant Resources, Boring, Aerial, Utilizing Bentley Software for asset and fiber management, CAD, Ike GPS and OCalc.

Management Directory

  • Raymond Otazu, C.E.O
  • James Otazu, President
  • Clayton C. Ross, C.O.O.
  • Eric Schill, Director of Operations
  • Gary Polistena V.P. of Operations
  • Rich Barry, Market Lead ( PA Market )
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Vertical Solutions Inc.

107 Beaver Brook Road
Lincoln Park, NJ, 07035 (Corporate Office)
Main Office Phone: 201-906-4383 / 201-906-3744
Main Office Fax: (973) 832-7035
Total Employees: 101
Employees at This Location: 67
Primary Line of Business: Telecommunications (Cellular & OSP)
Average Yearly Revenue: 14 to 20 Million

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Business Profile

Since its founding in New Jersey in 2001, Vertical Solutions Inc. has become a leader in the telecommunications industry for cellular site construction. This was done by cultivating all the telecommunications disciplines and combining them into one self-performing turnkey entity. Self-performance and strategic planning are the keys to success for us, along with the ability to morph the company to mirror the demands of the industry. With 4 locations in the North East region we have the resources and market feasibility to accommodate any of our client’s needs, coupled with a proven satellite market blueprint for a successful transition to any region to accommodate client’s resource needs. This allows us not only to gain market share but to continue our company’s expansion not only in this discipline but other telecommunications sectors.

Company Highlights


Key Processes

Utilizing our S.P.R.A.T trainer, Com-train trainer, Licensed Electrician, Licensed Master Rigger and Certified RF & Fiber Specialists we have developed a regimented in-house training curriculum for each specialized aspect of the telecommunications industry in turn we have created a developmental organic growth program that existing and new resources can be developed and utilized depending on whatever need the industry demands at the present time.

Identifying industry specific market analysis and tracking any upward trends within the telecommunications sector while concurrently expanding or creating that resource, allows us continued growth and profitability. Our most recent expansion in the “Out Side Plant” sector was a prime example as well as our other various company highlights detailed above.